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Junction Fitness

When two or more things come together, they form a junction. Regardless of where they are coming from or why they are coming together, they begin to work together toward the same goal the moment those different paths meet at a junction. At Junction Fitness, we work to understand where you are in your fitness journey to help you get to where you’re trying to go. Whether it’s coming for an effective workout, to be trained by one of our coaches, to be more active with your family, or to be a part of our inclusive community, coming to Junction Fitness is a guaranteed hour of your day where everyone is working out together. Because together, we are stronger, more encouraged and more motivated to reach our individual goals.

Once you become a part of our community, you don’t have to take this journey alone. Our elite coaches become your guide to help you navigate the path. While we are all on the same path towards fitness, individual experiences can vary. New intersections, distractions and roadblocks can cause setbacks. That’s why our coaches help each member stay focused and our encouraging community keeps you motivated by traveling with you. Junction Fitness is more than just another road to chase, but the point in the journey where you finally figure out where to go and the support to help you get there.

With our hybrid offering of CrossFit and X⁴, we blend two of the top fitness methodologies under one roof that allows us to meet our members wherever they are in fitness and bring them all together to be a part of our strong community. No matter what class you take or service you use, we strive to always provide you with an empowering atmosphere, the best workout and fair pricing that makes being a part of our community worth it.