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Prodigy Fitness

Pleasanton, CA, USA

Prodigy Fitness and Performance is a personal training facility that has been in business for over 10 years, working out of our 4,000 square foot facility in Pleasanton, CA.

We train busy moms and dads looking to lose weight, get stronger, and have more energy and youth athletes ages 8-18 who want to run faster, jump higher, and get stronger.

The great news is we are growing!

We are looking for one maybe two awesome coaches who can help our clients reach the goals they so desperately want to reach.

We aren't a "big box" corporate gym, where members pay a monthly fee to come in and workout on their own and trainers have to "canvas" the floor to get personal training clients.

We also aren't your typical bootcamp studio or crossfit gym that makes every member do the same workout whether they can do it or not.

10 years ago we created a new style of training where each member is guided through an individual program in a small group environment.

It allows our trainers to coach each person's individual needs and makes it more affordable for the member to come often for better results.