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Crossfit Fondren

3002 N Mill St, Jackson, MS, USA
Hey all CrossFit Fondren is in the search for a new Head Coach and Gym Manager. Hunter Poole is leaving us in the next few months to pursue his calling to be an outdoor minister. Let me know if you or someone you know will be a great fit.
The Head Coach and Gym Manager Job is to cultivate a phenomenal Community, Member Experience and Culture at CrossFit Fondren.
The desired candidate will have the drive to be a Professional Coach in the CrossFit arena. We like to say the selected candidate will be successful no matter what but by accepting this opportunity will accelerate their success. This position is a full time position that is able to make a good living doing what they love where the bounds are set by performance.
Non-Negotiables- Below are the requirements that must be present and part of the candidates DNA. They embody our Core Values of Inclusivity, Determination, Balance, and Integrity
-CrossFit is the product. Have to live and breathe CrossFit as a way of life. We are not looking for an elite athlete but someone who believes and lives the CrossFit methodologies and promotes them and is evidenced in their daily lives. This includes:
CrossFit Workout methodologies. Be an expert on what you coach and practice it. You are expected to do the same CrossFit Workouts programmed for your clients.
-Nutrition is the foundation of a person's health and and fitness journey. We expect you to promote our nutrition services and also practice what we preach.
Be a Professional- This is a business. There is a saying the “Customer is Always Right” not so. But they are the customer and it’s our job to provide them with a product that helps them achieve their goals. Our actions and reactions define us.
-Be Inclusive and Diverse. We don’t discriminate on who people are. We expect behaviors that demonstrate a commitment to these values.
General Duties are aligned with the CrossFit Pillars of a Successful affiliate. These are the things that most people would align with the job duties. We understand that you may not have mastered virtuosity in all of the requirements but expect you to never be satisfied and in continuous pursuit of improving.
Embody the Core Values, Mission and Vision in their everyday interactions.
Be the Brand Ambassador of CFF espousing the values that make us a great place for people to have their best hour of their day and reach their desired goals. You set the tone for the culture and community at the gym.
Be Ethical- A simple test is would you be ok with it on the front page with grandma reading it?
Be Empathetic- Everyone is important. Their needs are real. Show them that in your interactions.
Ensure a phenomenal Customer Experience
Strive to make this the best hour of the customer’s day
Be a beacon of Positivity . Our Customers look to us to set the tone.
The Safety of our customer is our first priority, without safety we can accomplish our mission.
Manage Sales and Marketing
Manage social media platforms.
Manage the sales funnel.
Schedule and conduct No-Sweat Interviews
Solicit feedback from current and past members.
Review product offerings and profitability
Ensure all clients are current on billing
Ensure that all bills are paid in a timely manner
Review and Adjust Offerings as needed
Meet on a periodic basis with the owner. The meetings will consist of each sharing information about the performance of the business, clients, and future planning of the business.
Build a Team of World Class Coaches (Coaching is the primary product we deliver)
Interview, hire, and train new coaches.
Coordinate and create a training program and schedule for coaches in training.
Conduct and/or coordinate monthly coach development meetings focused on improving overall coaching staff so they can deliver a high-quality product and an optimal member experience.
Conduct ongoing analysis and evaluation of coaching staff.
Possess an in-depth understanding of the sport from the fundamental skills to advanced tactics and strategies. This includes new research and training.
Create Systems and Best Practices and put into practice.
Curate and Publish Programming on customer facing app.
Create systems to assist new and current instructors in coach development.
Scheduling classes
Insure Facilities are maintained.
Facilitate customer communications and checklist for No-Sweats
Create systems to solicit and review customer feedback.
Compensation will be aligned with the performance and will be agreed to in a contract with the selected candidate with a simple goal of making it near impossible for the selected candidate to go elsewhere and do better. For candidates that are not from Jackson MS there is the opportunity to provide housing in an 1 bedroom apartment in the hip Fondren Neighborhood.[0]=AT2hy3G-zAAqN8x6LvpjIZQ_pkok7ulVH9zE6Gys0Z0yX3jmnyfLyfKzD0NTy58ehIlSvbEBBYosdckrXrnGV02S46wTW-q7LjtKsIUTHqq5a4x4Vqu5Weekvo-gvhlLwshHG5XfgOl83Pt7lUYWg7V6yfeXBj7jhQqfrqcawSfyfrW08tAZFA