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Stone Strength Systems

Saint Louis, MO, USA

Here at Stone Strength Systems, our goal is to make you stronger, in every sense of the word, not just beat you up!

You will become physically stronger; our training staff will push to exceed what you thought you were capable of. Most people never reach their full potential, our job is find a way to help push you beyond your comfort zone and access the athlete inside of you.

Our training program allows for all fitness levels to train side by side and at your own pace. You earn every pound lost or gained on the scale and on the barbell. There is no set schedule of increasing. Our training staff monitors every lift and make sure you are moving safely and also adding or subtracting weight to fit your ability level on a daily basis.

You will become mentally tougher. Pushing through your known boundaries in a safe, progressive manner allows you to grow stronger mentally as well as physically.

You will work harder than you thought you could. 

Nothing worth doing is easy, and our sessions will provide you with enough of a challenge to give you the feeling of a great workout without ruining the rest of your day. As I like to say, “It’s easy to make you tired, it’s hard to make you better.”