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Kamala Mind Body Wellness

What does Kamala stand for?
"Kamala" is Sanskrit for Sacred Lotus
Native to countries in the far East, the Lotus has become a symbol of transformation, purity, strength and harmony.
Just as the majestic lotus blossoms only in the harshest of environments, the murkiest of waters, so too can our greatest sufferings be transformed into profound inner beauty, empowerment, courage, compassion and self-worth.
Kamala provides a refuge in this world for it’s tribe and clients. A sanctuary of safety, compassion, kindness and true healing. From the inside, out. It embraces growth and transformation, gratitude and giving, acceptance and letting go, abundance and freedom. Growth and success for all through love.
Healing and thriving by focusing on what we want to draw into our lives rather than what we want to get rid of.
What does Kamala do?
Offering mindfulness-based mental health services and yoga for inner peace, Kamala Mind Body Wellness presents a holistic approach to healing and thriving. Uniting the ancient wisdom of the East, with the modern science of the west, we offer individual, group and couples therapy as well as psychiatric services and private and group therapeutic yoga classes.
Kamala is an approach to truly living. A path towards unveiling personal inner freedom through the union of the ancient teachings of the East and the modern day research of the West. Surmounting research supports the practices of mindfulness, meditation and yoga in overcoming a wide range of suffering that plagues our country, such as stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and addiction among others.
This is about truly, simply, being. Finding freedom, one breath at a time.