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Xodus Adventures

Thornton, Colorado, United States

Kalvin Evans is an experienced individual with a passion for the outdoors and a rich background in health, wellness, and adventure. As a former member of the US Air Force, he served for 8 years as a Russian and Chinese Linguist. Additionally, Kalvin contributed to a renowned environmental adventure camp catering to inner-city youth, which had a budget of $34 million.

Kalvin is also the proud owner of a small business,, where he offers health, wellness, and adventure training to clients worldwide. His expertise and achievements have gained him recognition, including an appearance on the Discovery Channel's One-Man Army: Fear Is Not An Option, where he emerged as the victor. Furthermore, Kalvin has showcased his speaking abilities as a TEDx Wilmington Salon Speaker and continues to motivate and inspire others through his speaking engagements.

In his commitment to support military members and their families, Kalvin actively participates in running 6-day therapeutic retreats for Project XYZ. His contributions to the community extend to his role as a substitute teacher in Delta County, Colorado, where he finds fulfillment in serving others.

Kalvin's exceptional skills, experiences, and dedication make him a remarkable individual who positively impacts the lives of those around him.