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Rodney, ON, Canada

Established in 2021 Fitborough is a fast-growing fitness studio in rural Southwestern Ontario specializing in small group personal training, one on one personal training, and youth training. Fitborough is a different fitness experience, from our experienced personnel to our facility in a retrofitted barn! We take a holistic approach to helping people achieve their fitness and wellness goals by meeting people where they are at, challenging them appropriately and putting them in the best positions to be successful.

We take fitness seriously, but we also have fun during the process and want our members to as well! Fitborough is seeking an individual who will identify with our company values of:

Person First: We meet people where they are at by providing an individualized approach.

Community: We are building a community of supportive members while also being active in our surrounding communities by supporting local businesses various causes.

Growth: We believe in the concept of Kaizen, or continual improvement both personally and professionally. Impact: We want our work and involvement in our communities to leave a lasting impact.