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Lake Medina CrossFit

Lake Medina CrossFit is a typical CrossFit gym in the sense that we use CrossFit programming, class structure, and movements along with the CrossFit methodology and ethos. Where we stand a little differently than some other CrossFit gyms is how we approach our environment and members. Our classes are capped at 8 people so one coach can focus on every person in the class. The 8-person limit allows us to be more intentional with how we interact with the members, make sure form is on point, and tailor the workout to fit each person's fitness level.

We put a heavy focus on form. A good athlete should understand that in order to master a movement, you need to have proper form before adding weight. Once the form is good, we increase the weight. As a coach, our job is to make sure this is understood along with teaching proper form in all movements.

At Lake Medina CrossFit, we do not care what your fitness background is. You could have been a D1 athlete, a former Olympic medalist, OR you could be someone that has never worked out a day in your life OR someone that fits in between. We meet the member right where they are.

Our ultimate goal is to see people moving, getting healthier, getting stronger, and feeling good in their own skin. We want to be a part of the journey and walk alongside each athlete as they progress, cheering them on along the way.

It is very important to us that each coach/staff member is someone who will encourage every athlete that walks through the door. Someone that is willing to put the athlete and their progress first inside the door of the gym and be their biggest cheerleader while making sure each individual's physical capabilities are properly handled. Every coach/staff member at Lake Medina CrossFit is expected to handle themselves with humility, work hard, be approachable, and be willing to keep learning.

While most of the interaction between coach/staff member and gym member is done inside the walls of the gym, we do have many opportunities to interact and encourage "outside the box" that we expect every coach/staff member to take advantage of.

Lake Medina CrossFit is growing and we need coaches that are willing and ready to jump on board with what we are doing here. Lives are changing because of fitness and it is exciting to be a part of that.