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Adelaide SA, Australia

TTF uses a unique combination of kickboxing & boxing techniques mixed together with light weights training. Light weights are safer than heavy & allows members to perform high-reps lasting longer which improves the effectiveness of high calorie burning exercise > package that with wicked kickboxing on heavy bags and you have everything you will ever need in a gym. Our well-known classes named LIFT, HIIT, CARDIO, BUTT or CORE will leave you speechless & totally addicted to this gym that is like no other.

TTF abbreviated for Total Toning Fitness, we are a complete gym that aims to shred your unwanted KG's & then sculpt your muscles naturally. We do this through the unbeaten & unsurpassed form of cardio weights & cardio kickboxing. Kickboxing with TTF is all about steady state cardio & it's one of the fastest ways to get your heart rate elevated into the target zone for fat burning optimization. Weights training can never deliver the same steady state effect as kickboxing but its still great to do & our weights classes are great way to mix up the boxing & avoid muscle memory. Muscles are very smart and the last thing you ever want is to plateau by repetitive weights training & the 12 rep weight range will never match kickboxing for achieving fat burning optimization.

Owner Paul Rose's 20+ years industry experience saw him start his 4th gym in Adelaide late 2011 (TTF). After retiring from elite boxing competition at Australia's highest level in 2009 as Boxing's Elite State Captain then becoming South Australia's Head Coach & State Manager. Living and breathing a seriously intense side of full contact sports, Paul's core belief is that fitness needs to fun in order to be a lasting lifestyle for athlete or everyday gym goer's. He strives to drive this into the business day in & day out from the culture to the services & the layout of the gym, everything is fun & practical to use..

TTF is the second longest serving gym in the western suburbs of Adelaide & has always offered a huge timetable that other gyms cannot come close to offering. Let us know if you find bigger!!! Unmatched classes offering the big 3 boxing/kickboxing & weights all in the 1 class and that's why we are able to shred our members KG's so quick, then maintaining your own unique sexy & lean look that your are happy with! 

Drop us a line & lets get you an introductory session with Paul today > on the house & completely free.