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Chucktown Fitness

3750 Savannah Highway, Johns Island, SC, USA

Chucktown Fitness is a high service oriented training facility located in the Charleston SC. Our focuses are Group Training Classes as well as One on One Personal Training.

Our Group Training classes are designed to be the most complete well-rounded workout possible. The class format focuses on the combination of strict form resistance training to build lean muscle, functional training to teach members brains how to use their new strength and muscle to "function" better outside of the gym. The final component of the workout is the correct amount of cardiovascular training to condition and increase endurance without jeprodizing losing hard earned muscle. The ultimate goal is to provide a scalable workout for all fitness levels within the same while creating a culture and healthy community of members that live and love life together.  

Our fitness roots are in Personal Training. We believe that the best group coaches are personal trainers. We offer one on one, partner and small group personal training. We like the option to offer both group classes and personal training because offerings are a nice platform to sell and showcase the different services to get members involved in both revenue streams.