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Noonan Sport Specialists

Alexandria, MN, USA

Alexandria NSS started as a vision in a second-story apartment in Moorhead, MN, in 2005. Mike Hawes and Dustin Schlichting were soon to be graduates of Minnesota State University Moorhead and were interning at Noonan Strength Systems. One day, in casual conversation with owner Dominic, they came to the decision to open their own facility in Alexandria, MN. The early groundwork began while finishing their senior years at MSUM, and the true vision of Alexandria NSS came to be in May of 2006. From then, until the opening of NSS in April 2007, Mike and Dustin spent countless hours on strategic planning, business preparation, networking, old-fashioned hard work, and a fair amount of anxious worry.

Since the humble beginning, Noonan Sport Specialists has grown into a 7,000-square-foot training facility that caters to individuals and athletes of all ages and abilities. NSS is a quality team of dedicated professionals who are both passionate and driven. However, we understand all of this is not possible without the loyal, hardworking, passionate, fun, and dedicated clients, family, friends and followers of NSS. Because our clients, family, friends, and followers see value in what NSS does as a training facility, our entire team is able to do what we love every single day.

At NSS we structure our training philosophy around building strength in the eight big-rock movement patterns: Squat, Hinge, Single Leg, Push, Pull, Rotation, Ground-Based and Carry. As each client comes from a different set of circumstances (medical history, previous training experience, stress level, etc.), NSS takes the time to determine where each client’s base of fitness is. From there, we strive to build our clients a solid foundation based around the eight big-rock movement patterns. We pride ourselves not only on training our clients and athletes, but also on helping educate them to build a lifestyle based on activity and healthy choices.