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Renewed After 50

Hawthorn VIC, Australia

At “Renewed after 50” we believe in a personal approach to developing wellness programs based on your current state of health, preferences, time, personal goals and expectations.  Whether onsite or online, a qualified Wellness Coach will provide the support, motivation & guidance that you need by:

  • Working with YOU to create a well-paced wellness or fitness program that is tailored to your strengths, likes & dislikes
  • Working with YOU to help you achieve specific, measurable & attainable goals
  • Working with YOU to guide and support you in dietary change if required and assist you with proper form and techniques in exercise to ensure that no time or energy is wasted
  • Working with YOU to refine and redesign your support program to keep it fresh & challenging
  • Working with YOU to support you every step of the way
  • Ask about our “Buddy Program”