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Safe Haven Fitness

Safe Haven Fitness is a small group fitness training studio in the Roswell, GA area.  We train people who are in their 50's, 60's, and 70's.

Vision Statement

To become the creator of an out of this world spiritual, mental and physical experience for women and men 50 and over in every metropolitan area in North America. We will extend our reach by extending our digital footprint worldwide by 2025.

Safe Haven Fitness will provide all of the services and products that our clients need to realize their God given potential through fitness and wellness.

Our “own the process” methodology will change the way that fitness professionals provide for their families and how they serve each client. We will be the builders of communities that are safe havens and inspire our clients to chase their wildest dreams.

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is to help lead 5 million people to healthy and active lifestyles by 2025”


Core Values


Gratitude - Our blessings allow us to give back to our community through above and beyond service.


Resolve - We solve problems immediately and stick to our goals like glue.


Communication - I listen first, then I communicate positively, quickly, truthfully and effectively.


Ownership - I own both failures and success to make my team better.


Adaptability - I course correct with enthusiasm to help my team succeed.