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District H Strength & Fitness

District H Strength & Fitness is proud to be helping people in the Houston Heights community become the very best versions of themselves. Whether the goal is to maximize physical expression or reclaim physical freedom, our approach is client centric. They are the heroes of our story…we are guides.


Our core values include professionalism, empowerment, and growth in everything we do. We are constantly looking to get better at our craft and seeking new information to add value to the lives of the people we serve. The end goal is to empower our clients to adopt fitness in health in their life and seek autonomy in applying it in their lives. We are constantly evolving as a business and actively seek and apply new ideas that drive our mission forward.


Our mission is to be the catalyst for amazing change in our clients’ lives. We contribute to the world by making its inhabitants healthy, full of vitality, and empowered to make a difference with their unique abilities.


District H is a strength and conditioning facility that focuses on personalized fitness and health prescriptions that are backed in traditional strength training and functional fitness protocols.


We differentiate our services by developing a personalized plan for each individual, addressing their unique needs and goals. This can include small group sessions, personal training, individual design, and nutrition coaching.


Our professional coaches use movement, body composition, and fitness assessments to collect data that form the basis of each individual’s training program. We meet regularly with our clients to measure their progress, reassess goals and adjust their prescription accordingly.