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Wildcard Gymnastics

Brookfield, WI, USA

Welcome to Wildcard Gymnastics! 

The coaching staff at Wildcard Gymnastics understands that gymnastics is an individual sport and each gymnast will be treated as an individual.  Our staff will do their best to provide your athlete with appropriate guidance, not only to aid your athlete in gymnastics but also in life.  We work hard to make sure every child feels comfortable and safe when communicating with our staff. 

 Our goals are to promote our gymnast's self-confidence, positive self-image and critical thinking skills in order to improve their performance in all aspects of life.  We do our best to respect the balance between working out, pushing through mental and physical obstacles while taking care of our minds and bodies, each athlete is encouraged to stove for quality and excellence at their own pace. 

 By taking this approach we hope the gymnasts will retain the love for the sport that originally motivated them to become gymnasts!