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Chicago, IL, USA



About PXM Fitness Center

History - We were established in 2018. Originally founded as Edgewater CrossFit back in 2012 whereas CrossFit was the only product. After changing ownerships in 2017 a decision was made to rebrand and expand to a bigger location where our product evolved and more was added to it. 

Philosophy - Human beings have this amazing movement capacity. We are designed to sprint, lift, throw, walk long distances and pretty much adapt to any environment scenario out there in nature, That is why at PXM we see Fitness as a spectrum and  “not one size fits all”. We like to expand more on people's strengths and abilities, not just emphasizing their weaknesses. What you are good at is more important to us, as this is proven to create a more sustainable fitness/life journey over a longer period of time. 

Mission Statement - Here at PXM we believe in constant physical and mental growth. Our goal is to help clients to understand their connection with fitness.  We are here to help you REDEFINE , TRANSFORM or RESHAPE your connection with fitness. Understanding where you currently are fitness wise will help you define your goals easier and we can help you achieve them.