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Limitless Fitness LLC

285 Calef Highway, Epping, NH, USA

When we started Limitless Fitness, our vision was to create a welcoming environment where everyBody could feel like this was their gym through appreciation and acceptance. We wanted to educate the community on the benefits of fitness using safe, effective and goal oriented techniques to help people grow into their best self!

Today we have a highly skilled team of trainers, all nationally certified, and many with degrees in the field of fitness who are passionate about the health and well being of our clients.

The growth we’ve experienced is largely due to our top notch training from our skilled trainers and the supportive community of clients. The word is spreading on their positive and successful experience with Limitless, and together we are helping change peoples lives for the better.

We look forward to the growth ahead and continuing to lead in cutting edge fitness techniques, keeping at the forefront of the industry to bring the best to each and every client we serve.

We are Limitless Fitness, we want to help you be limitless too!

Sue Brisson CEO, Co-Owner and Michelle Antosiewicz Co-Owner