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Feel Great Crew 24/7

We help people feel great 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
There are fun workout groups all over Tasmania. Please contact us to see if there is one near you.
Come along for a look and to have fun.
Each group has it own unique flavour. Here are some of the different types of exercise groups:
Walking group
Mum's and bubs
Running group
Cardio workout
Strength work out
Playing tennis
Please consult your Dr to make sure you are ok to begin exercising. You will be exercising at your own risk and will need to complete an online waiver before coming to class We do strongly encourage the principle of progressive overload - meaning that you need to build up your exercise program slowly and allow your body to adjust as you get fitter.
We are a group of people who believe wellness is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.
A free body analysis is required for each new participant prior to commencing one of these classes.
Special pricing for sessions is available to all Herbalife nutrition users who are investing in their nutrition from Feel great crew Wellness Coaches.