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FS8 Condell Park

1/78 Harley Crescent, Condell Park NSW, Australia

FS8 is all-in-one fitness with attitude. It’s a never-been-done-before offering that remixes the best elements of Pilates, tone and yoga for a complete, full-body group training experience — with none of the fluff.

Combining the Pilates reformer with mat work, dumbbells and activation bands, the weekly program of workouts includes a variety of exercises to enhance muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and recovery.

The FS8 workout is designed to break the mould and incorporate revolutionary, science-backed techniques to lengthen, strengthen, stabilise and mobilise your body in a full-body workout that ties in your physical and psychological well being.

We’re focusing on strength and flexibility while throwing out all the clichés – and getting people to rethink how Pilates, tone and yoga can work for them.