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What you can expect to make as a CrossFit coach

What you can expect to make as a CrossFit coach

As a CrossFit coach, your earning potential can vary significantly based on where you are located in the United States. Factors such as the cost of living, demand for CrossFit, and competition within the area can all impact how much you are able to make.

According to data from Payscale, the average salary for a CrossFit coach in the United States is $40,865 per year. However, this number can vary significantly based on location, certifications, and personal training clients. For example, a CrossFit coach in San Francisco, California, may earn significantly more than a coach in a small town in rural America.

Here is a breakdown of the base average annual salary for a CrossFit coach in several major cities across the United States:

  • New York, New York: $44,944 per year
  • Los Angeles, California: $42,876 per year
  • Chicago, Illinois: $39,246 per year
  • Houston, Texas: $37,314 per year
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: $38,632 per year
  • Phoenix, Arizona: $37,311 per year
  • San Antonio, Texas: $36,813 per year
  • San Diego, California: $41,197 per year
  • Dallas, Texas: $37,369 per year
  • San Jose, California: $45,927 per year

It's important to note that these figures are only estimates, and actual salaries may vary based on factors such as the gym you work for, your experience and education, and your negotiating skills. Additionally, many CrossFit coaches also earn income through personal training sessions or other fitness-related services, which can help to supplement their income.

Overall, the earning potential for CrossFit coaches can vary significantly based on location. If you are considering becoming a CrossFit coach, it's a good idea to research the market in the area where you plan to work to get a better idea of what you can expect to earn.


However, traditional group classes should be considered the base of what a coach should do to generate revenue. Adding personal training clients can more than double what a coach typically makes from group classes alone. 


There are several reasons why a CrossFit coach could potentially at least double their yearly revenue by adding personal training clients:

  1. Personal training sessions typically have a higher rate of pay than group classes. While group CrossFit classes may have a lower rate of pay per participant, personal training sessions allow the coach to work with just one client at a time, which allows them to charge a higher rate.

  2. Personal training sessions can be more flexible in terms of scheduling. While group CrossFit classes may have set times that they meet, personal training sessions can often be scheduled at the convenience of the coach and the client. This can allow the coach to take on more clients and increase their overall income.

  3. Personal training allows for a more personalized approach. With personal training, the coach can tailor the workouts and nutrition plans to the specific needs and goals of the client. This can often lead to better results and increased client satisfaction, which can lead to more referrals and a larger client base.

  4. Personal training can be a good complement to group classes. Many CrossFit coaches find that offering a combination of group classes and personal training allows them to reach a wider range of clients and increase their income.

Overall, adding personal training clients can be a great way for a CrossFit coach to at least double their yearly revenue. By offering more personalized attention and a higher rate of pay per session, personal training can be a lucrative addition to a CrossFit coach's business.