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Start growing your fitness gym by mentoring your coaches

Start growing your fitness gym by mentoring your coaches

Successful gyms across the community, whether Affiliated or non-affiliate owned, have one thing in common. The employees LOVE working there! You won't find a profitable facility where people aren’t happy with their jobs - I can promise you this because every successful gym has incredible staff dedicated to making sure everyone has an amazing experience while working out here too.

In our community, when someone thinks of the word “mentor,” they usually think of a business mentor, but not always about personal career mentors. As business owners, whether we know it or not. We are mentors to our coaches and employees. 

We all know the importance of a healthy work environment, but what about your employees? Mentorship practices can have many benefits, including increased happiness and productivity. When Coaches are satisfied with their own job, they enjoy coaching others even more- doing this such great business practice for facilities looking forward to future success!

Building a successful gym requires putting in the hours with each coach. As the owner of your fitness facility, it is important that you have one-on-one time to chat about their career goals and what they would like to see from the business.

You should have a bi-weekly or monthly meeting with each coach to discuss the above goals and ensure they are taking steps towards reaching them. If you notice that someone isn't making progress, this could be your chance to help him/her achieve what he or she wants out of his or her career while also helping your own business succeed!

These one-on-one sessions are also a fantastic time to give and receive feedback between the coach and yourself. If you have tools that the coach can implement to improve their craft, this is the opportunity to tell them. If the coach has profitable ideas for the gym, you may have missed them and profits. Without these sessions, you may have missed out on potential revenue opportunities for your business. This practice is also used by the best hair extension salon in Austin, BrAsh Hause Beauty and they have had great results. 

If you are ready to upgrade your staff, start by posting a free job post on today.