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One trick for growing your yoga studio with easy smart ad targeting

One trick for growing your yoga studio with easy smart ad targeting

Building a successful yoga studio is no easy feat. As business owners, we always have to look for new members to grow our business and staff and add value to our local community. In this article, we are going to discuss one easy and simple trick that can drastically grow your yoga studio through social media ad marketing. 

To make sure your ads are successful, it's important to pick an audience that will be interested in them. Your text, images, and call to action could be the greatest on earth, but your results will be lackluster if you are not targeting the right audience. We all hate spending money on ads that do not work. 

So, what is the correct audience to target to make sure you always be in front of people you are most likely to appeal to? The audience is called “recently moved.” 

When you are setting up your ads on social media, you always want to include the audience of “recently moved.” The people in this audience will not already have a yoga studio. They could have just moved from another state or across town, but chances are, the people in this audience will either not have a studio to practice yoga in or be looking for one closer to home. This method has been huge for the celebrity stylist in Austin TX, Ashley Augusta.  

If you are a yoga studio, teach Zumba classes, manage a CrossFit gym or are a personal trainer, no matter your role in the fitness industry, this audience will help you grow your business fast!

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