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If you want to build a high-performing CrossFit coaching staff, you have to have a solid hiring strategy.

If you want to build a high-performing CrossFit coaching staff, you have to have a solid hiring strategy.

4 Steps to Creating a Hiring Strategy For Your CrossFit Gym

The best hiring strategy for your CrossFit gym is to be attracting the top coaches BEFORE you need them. When you’re always sourcing coaches, you are guaranteed to be able to fill a role with someone who is qualified and ready to be an asset to your fitness community.  




Step 1: Think about future growth.


If you wait until you must fill a vacancy, you're setting yourself up for a difficult few weeks or months trying to fill a role when a coach or new employee is needed. If a coach leaves or you have to let them go, the time needed to hire and train a new coach or staff member is going to put stress on yourself, your current team, and your business, possibly even your personal life from the unexpected stress. 

Create a spreadsheet of your coaches in their current roles, for the roles they want to advance to, the roles they show potential they could advance to, and future roles you will need to fuel your business growth. 

When you create your spreadsheet and list the CrossFit coaches who want to advance, this is the opportunity to think about who on your team can replace them in their current roles. The coaches that move up into the new roles will need a new hire to fill that space or a new fire if you do not currently have someone who can move up to replace a coach.  

Step 2: Make Sure Your Gym Website And Social Media Is A Great Representation


After you have your listing set up on GymJobs, you need to focus on the forward-facing image of your CrossFit gym. Go through your social media channels and your website to ensure your content is what you would want to see if you were considering a position. Every potential new coach will be thorough in trying to learn everything possible about your community, if there is potential for growth and if they would fit in. A shortcut you can take in this step is using a website built by PushPress specifically to grow your gym and have a great visual appeal, ensuring your brand is always optimized for growth. 

When coaches start seeing the job ads we place all over the internet for your CrossFit gym; potential coaches will start going to your website and social media to see if you could be a good fit together. A great coach will be turned off by a bad web presence.


Step 3: Build your CrossFit gyms company and hiring profile

You should always be sourcing resumes even if you are not currently hiring. On the job post, you can easily state that you are not currently hiring but always looking for the right candidate for when a role does need to be filled. This enables you to always collect resumes from great potential coaches who have already expressed interest in working for you for when a position does open, or you may even find the perfect coach you decide to hire before your local competition does!


When you need a coach, you now have a file ready of qualified coaches who have already expressed interest in working with you. Now, you're hiring like a million-dollar corporation. 

Step 4: Learn how to write job posts that get attention

When quality coaches start looking at career options, they are going to have almost unlimited options, especially if they are willing to relocate. The top gyms do not hesitate to bring in the absolute best candidates to work in their gym. So if you have an amazing coach in your local area you are considering hiring, and they are actively looking for a new position, you are not just competing with the gym up the road, but the gym 5 states over and often even gyms in other countries. 

Your job post needs to market much more than an opportunity to work; you need to market how amazing your community is, the advancement opportunities, the perks, and anything else that can help you show you are an amazing place to work. Don’t make the mistake of thinking an opportunity to work is enough. If you do, you are giving your competition a chance at taking an asset that would be valuable to your business growth. 

Don’t hesitate when you find a coach who will be an asset

A great CrossFit coach will not be looking for a job for long. Keep in mind there are hundreds of gyms continuously sourcing resumes on GymJobs, so when you find the perfect coach that can fill a needed role or be an amazing asset for your fitness business, chances are other gyms are already considering the coach at the same time you are. 

If you're ready to start building your staff like you are a million-dollar business, click here to get started!