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How top MMA gyms keep their businesses fully staffed

How top MMA gyms keep their businesses fully staffed

If you're an MMA gym owner, it's important to be constantly sourcing new resumes. You never know when the perfect MMA coach will come along, and you don't want to miss out on an opportunity because you weren't prepared. Or worse, you have an unexpected need for a new MMA coach, and now you find yourself desperate to fill a position that could've been taken care of if you had a talent pool to source from. In this article, we are going to discuss how smart MMA gym owners keep a talent pool of instructors ready to work!

Sourcing resumes offer a number of benefits to businesses, including:

- Access to a talent pool: When you are always sourcing resumes, you have access to a larger pool of talented MMA coaches. This allows you to find the perfect MMA coach for your company in a timely manner! If you own an MMA gym, your coaches are what keeps everything running. If you have an unexpected loss of a striking coach, you will need to find a qualified candidate to fill that position as quickly as possible, or you as the owner will have much more work on your plate other than hiring a new striking or stand-up coach. If you are always sourcing potential hires, when the time comes you need to unexpectedly fill a position; you can go to your account and start contacting coaches who have already expressed interest in serving your fitness community. Imagine needing a coach or planning to open a new gym, and you have a file full of MMA coaches, wrestling coaches, striking coaches, BJJ coaches, judo coaches, nutritionists, and more. Do you want to be the business owner who has to stress filling a position or the business owner with a full pre-qualified talent pool of people who want to be a part of your business? It is an easy decision for the smart business owner.

- Cost-effective: sourcing resumes is more cost-effective than traditional recruiting methods. This is because you are not spending money on advertising or other recruiting costs. A free posting on Gym Jobs will bring you a steady stream of pre-qualified fight coaches who are ready to be an added value to your business. If you wait until the need for a new hire is immediate, the cost and time required will be a much greater liability both financially for your MMA gym and your own time.

- Time-saving: sourcing resumes can save you a lot of time! You can quickly find candidates that meet your specific criteria by sourcing resumes. This can save you hours of time that would otherwise be spent, screening candidates. Simply taking 5 minutes of your time to place your free job posting on has saved you days, weeks, or maybe longer trying to find the perfect coach because they have already shown interest in being a part of your time.

If you are not sourcing resumes, you are missing out on a number of benefits! By sourcing resumes, you can find the perfect candidate for your company in a timely and cost-effective manner. So what are you waiting for? Start sourcing resumes today by posting your free job post on Gym Jobs.