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How to post jobs to find the top yoga instructors

How to post jobs to find the top yoga instructors

This guide walks you through creating a high-quality job posting to attract the top yoga instructors to your studio.

Click Sign up on the top right of the screen.

On the next page, choose “Employer.”

The next screen will be the Create Employer Profile page. Enter all the information.

Do not skip adding a logo. Employers with logos get significantly more traction for their jobs because the logo catches the eye of the coach applying for positions. We use your logo when marketing your post on social media, so choose an attention-grabbing logo. If there is no logo when we showcase your posted opportunity on social media, there will only be text shown, which is likely to get less attention from yoga instructors than it could have with a logo.  

Add a short description of your facility. Being thorough when adding a description helps the applying yoga instructors know if they may be a good fit for your community, potentially saving you both time. Treat the description like you describe your studio to potential investors you want to impress. The reality is you are presenting your yoga studio to investors, but instead of investing money, they are investing their time and life into it. A subpar description may likely only bring subpar interest.

The next page will redirect you to your account under the Job Postings tab. On the right, click “Post a Job.” This page is where you will be creating your Gym Job posting.

First is the job title.

You want to be detailed when putting in this information. Think of the job title as the headline of an article. If it doesn’t grab the attention of potential yoga teachers, they will continue without clicking. It may get looked past when the title is as simple as “coach.” Many job seekers coming to Gym Jobs are coaches, instructors, and teachers looking to grow in their field, have more responsibility, and move their careers forward. If this position has the opportunity to be more than a coach, use terms that show the genuine financial and professional opportunity of the job. If this position is for a coach who will also be writing the programming, use a title like “ Coach / Programming Coordinator.” If your team programs together, a term such as “ Coach / Programming Contributor” may be appropriate.

In the job description, be as thorough as possible. This section will decide if the perfect yoga instructor chooses to apply to work in your studio or your competitors. You will want to list all responsibilities for this position. Be sure to include career and advancement opportunities and opportunities to create new programs that can generate additional income and growth for the instructor. It is more frequent than you may expect for a coach to be willing to move to a new location for the right opportunity, so you are not just marketing to your local area but every potential coach everywhere. When your job is live, and we are marketing it through social media and email alerts, we will be using the first paragraph of your description as the text in the job posting. Be sure to make this first paragraph an attention-getter.

Select your job type. If this coach receives a 1099 form, you will want to choose  “contractor” to be upfront about the structure. If they are 1099 but work 40 hours or more, choosing “full time” is appropriate.

Next will be categories. You can choose up to 5 categories that fit the position's description.

Choosing the right categories is essential not only for applicants to search and find your career opportunity on, but will also allow potential hires to find your opportunity through Google search and Google job alerts. job listings get picked up by Google to distribute job alerts and search results for jobs. Our job listings are distributed through hundreds of other job boards all across the internet. Choosing the proper categories will result in the broadest distribution of your position.

Salary is the next step. Be upfront and honest about the range of pay for this position. Leaving this blank will ensure that the yoga instructors applying for a job will pass over your opportunity without applying. At the same time, do not inflate the actual potential salary. In the past, I have seen studios post a large salary on their position, offer far less in the interview, and then have the instructor publicly call out the facility for this harmful practice. Be honest and open about the true earnings potential of your position. You may want to go back to the description and list the base salary, plus what earning potential is with personal training, product sells, membership sells, the potential to earn more income by creating new classes, and any other earning potential the yoga instructor has.

Once you have entered all the information, continue to preview. Check that everything looks as you want it, then publish by clicking “Post.”

An image of your job posting will be used to market your opportunity and the first paragraph of your job description. When your job listing is shared on Facebook and Instagram, we will be tagging your yoga studio. Share the post when you see your facility has been tagged. Sharing it will help the algorithms pick it up to share it in front of more potential hires than you usually would have without sharing. Once your post is live, it will begin to be marketed on GymJobs, social media, google job alerts, and many more job boards that pick up our listings.