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How to create a coaching profile

How to create a coaching profile

Creating a profile and resume on is the first step in PRing your career in the fitness industry. We are the world's top job board for all aspects of the fitness industry and are proud to be your partner in enhancing your career.

The following steps will show you how to make the most effective profile to position yourself, so the most significant opportunities in the fitness industry are available to you.

On, click on the navigation button, and select “Post Resume.” The next page will have job seekers' options; select “Free Resume Posting.”

On the next page, use a social log in, or create a login for

On this page, you will be making your profile. Your profile will be essential to get accepted for the highest-paying jobs.

Upload Resume

First on the page is the space to upload your resume. This is your standard resume, separate from your profile. Think of your resume as a summary of your career accomplishments, but your profile summarizes who you really are and how you could potentially fit into a new community. They are separate but equally important.  

Desired Job Title

Use one to two words to describe your desired job title. Gym owners use the desired job title to filter through profiles to connect with the right person. Be mindful of the title you put. It can likely help to determine your next job position.


You can choose up to five categories. The categories get used as a filter by gym owners looking for coaches that have specific skills.


Uploading a photo should not be skipped over. Having an image to see helps make you stand out more and humanizes your profile, so it is more than just words on a website; it shows a real person behind it. The views that a profile without a photo gets significantly fewer views than a profile with an image. A clean headshot-type picture is best.

Personal Summary

The resume personal summary expresses who you are as a person and not as a coach.

Imagine you are in an elevator with a gym owner who has the perfect position for you, and you have two minutes to sell yourself. What you would say within that two minutes is what you want to put here. Think of your resume personal summary as the bait to hook the gym owner into reading the rest of your profile and resume.

Work Experience

List all jobs relevant to the type of position you are applying for. Working in a bank may not be closely related to being a coach, but it is very relevant if you learned how to be an effective leader in that position or have come up with new marketing campaigns for the bank. You can leave out unrelated jobs unless they directly relate to how well you can perform the job you are applying for.


Feel free to use this space to include any certifications and seminars you have attended relevant to a career in the fitness industry.

Are you willing to relocate?

If you are willing to accept a position in a different location, you may have many more opportunities.

Where do you see yourself in your career in 5 years?

Every business owner wants to hire someone with growth potential. In this block, you have the opportunity to show your ambitions. If you have a plan of where you want to be, the gym owner reading can see how you may fit into their long-term goals. If you write that you see yourself running a facility as a manager, it could show a gym owner planning to hire someone who can replace them in the gym. You want to show your ambitious side in this section.

What value can you bring to the facility that other coaches applying for the same position could not?

A business owner is always trying to increase value for their members. If you have skills in a type of fitness not currently offered, that is an added value. Don’t think only about fitness, though. You could have skills that help with product design, running events, or a different way of adding value—showing your skills in this section is essential for standing out.

Provide links to all social media accounts.

Employers are going to find your social media accounts and check them. This space saves them time searching. They will want to see if you are a person who will bring drama to their facility and how well you would fit. If your profile is private, you will likely get a friend request from someone at the facility.