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How CrossFit Coaches Can Double Their Income Through Personal Training Clients

How CrossFit Coaches Can Double Their Income Through Personal Training Clients

Navigating the fitness industry, particularly as a CrossFit coach, you might often find yourself pondering how to scale your earnings beyond the standard group class compensation. With the average annual CrossFit coach's salary in the United States hovering around $40,865, as data from Payscale suggests, there’s a lucrative avenue yet to be explored fully: personal training clients. Incorporating them can potentially lead to double or even triple your current earnings. Let's delve into the whys and hows of this proposition.

Why Merging Personal Training Clients into Your CrossFit Career is a Game-Changer

Group classes are, without a doubt, the core of a CrossFit coach's career. But here's a peek into how intertwining personal training clients can amplify your fitness industry revenues:

  1. A Pay Boost with Personal Training Sessions

    Focusing on personal training, a coach gets to mentor individual clients. This one-on-one approach often commands higher pay rates than group sessions. Clients, in their quest for individual attention and bespoke workout regimes catering to their specific health and fitness goals, are usually prepared to invest more.

  2. Embrace Flexibility with Personal Training

    Unlike the fixed timings of group classes, personal training sessions dance to the tune of both the coach's and client's convenience. This adaptability allows CrossFit coaches to onboard more clients, pushing their income scales higher.

  3. The Beauty of Bespoke Coaching

    Personal training paves the way for a tailored approach, allowing customization of both workouts and nutrition strategies, aligning with a client's specific aspirations. Enhanced outcomes and client contentment can snowball into increased references and an expanded clientèle base.

  4. Group Classes & Personal Training: The Best of Both Worlds

    Fusing group classes with personal training not only helps a CrossFit coach tap into a broader client spectrum but also elevates the earning potential. Clients relishing group class dynamics can also luxuriate in personal training's distinct focus, leading to amplified results and satisfaction.

Blueprint to Augment Personal Training in Your Fitness Career

For CrossFit coaches aspiring to interlace personal training into their gym job profile, here's a roadmap:

  1. Craft Your Personal Training Blueprint

    Before diving into promotions, chisel out a detailed strategy encompassing service offerings, pricing modules, and marketing tactics. Think of incentivizing with packages or bundle deals, offering markdowns for clients committing to multiple sessions.

  2. Amplify Your Personal Training Brand

    Channelize your marketing energy towards your present clientele and expand your horizons via social media. Exhibit transformations with before-and-after snapshots, enrich with client testimonials, and harness other social proof methods to accentuate your service value.

  3. Teaser with a Free Initial Session

    Lure prospective clients by granting them a glimpse of your expertise with a free kick-off session. It’s an effective strategy to cement trust, showcase your skills, and can be the precursor to more sessions.

  4. Forge Strong Client Relationships

    Once you've anchored personal training clients, cement this bond. Regularly touch base, celebrate their progress, shower them with motivation, and solicit feedback. Such gestures not only fortify client relationships but also set the stage for more recommendations.


In the sprawling world of gym jobs, fitness, and CrossFit coaching positions available, standing apart and maximizing one's earning potential becomes imperative. By harmonizing the group class model with the personal touch of one-on-one sessions, a CrossFit coach can pave the way for not only augmented earnings but also richer client relationships and enhanced job satisfaction in the fitness industry.


Bonus Tip For Increasing Your Pay As A Coach

One of the best ways to set yourself up as a top earner as a coach is to specialize in a niche area of the fitness industry. Learn about making more money as a specialized coach here. 

In conclusion, adding personal training clients to your business can be a great way for CrossFit coaches to significantly increase their income. By offering a higher rate of pay, more flexibility, a personalized approach, and a complement to group classes, personal training can help take your business to the next level.