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Hiring fitness coaches in Ireland? is here to help.

Hiring fitness coaches in Ireland? is here to help.

The fitness industry can be tough, no matter which part of the world you are located. Finding and keeping coaches, instructors and employees your fitness business fully can feel like an impossible task, whether it's in the Ireland, the UK or elsewhere abroad. You often find yourself coaching classes that weren't scheduled for or needed more help than expected; sometimes even going above and beyond on long work hours because  you just cant seem to connect with people who are career coaches looking for career opportunities. In this article, we are going to explain why is the perfect solution for staffing a business in the Ireland, or anywhere you are.

GymJobs by PushPress is solving the staffing problem for fitness businesses! We know how hard it is to market and find quality staff, so we partnered up with Jeremy Augusta, who created the original fitness industry  job board in order to make sure that owners everywhere have access to qualified candidates. Jeremy has experience recruiting and staffing gyms in all parts of the world, and he will personally be helping you to staff your facilities no matter where you are!

No matter where in the world you are, our methods to market your free job posting are the same and effective.

Here is why working with GymJobs by PushPress is the absolute best option for growing your fitness business. If you are in Ireland, here is how we will market your career opportunity to grow your staff;

Posting a job on is FREE. That means that you can finally take a step that most successful fitness businesses already do; always be sourcing. When you are constantly sourcing staff for your business, you will always have a stream of qualified candidates who are eager to add value to your team. Even if you are not currently needing a coach, keeping a job post up means you are always collecting resumes from applicants who have already expressed interest in being in your community. So when the time comes that you do need a coach, you have a stack of interested applicants ready to go. Even if you are not currently hiring, that perfect coach resume that you just can’t pass up may fall into your lap. Now, you are recruiting like a million-dollar business.
We market your job on our Facebook page, in our job seekers' Facebook group, and in Facebook groups relevant and local to your business.
Your job gets marketing on our Instagram.
We market your job on Twitter.

In fact, we market your job on over 10 different social media platforms.

We have partnered with job boards and job sites all over the world, so no matter where you are, one post on will place your job on every board your future coach may be looking at.
When you post your job, it gets broadcasted to all of the coaches, instructors, and fitness personnel who have job alerts set up for your type of job and for your location.

Your job will be broadcast to our job alert subscriptions, which have over 30k+ subscribers, and it is always quickly growing.
If you posted a featured job, it and your business will be marketed through our weekly newsletter.
A featured job will also be marketed through our partners' social media and newsletters, such as Morning Chalk Up.
And the best part, this is all FREE.

Wherever you are in the world, by PushPress is the FREE ultimate staffing solution.