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Finding the Right General Manager for Your Gym  in 2023

Finding the Right General Manager for Your Gym  in 2023

Are you a gym owner contemplating hiring a general manager to enable you to become an absentee owner? If so, this comprehensive guide is designed for you, elucidating the essential qualifications and experience your prospective general manager should embody. Recognizing the right candidate ensures that your business operates seamlessly and proficiently, even in your absence.

Qualifications for a Gym General Manager

When embarking on the journey to hire a general manager for your gym, evaluating their qualifications and experience is paramount. This ensures you find a candidate who excels in managing people, spotting potential issues before they arise, and adeptly assuming leadership roles. Below, we delve into the specific qualifications you should look for in your next gym general manager:

  • Business Acumen: An exceptional GM possesses an understanding of business management practices. They should be proficient in analyzing financial statements and crafting strategies to achieve the gym's goals, be it in revenue, membership growth, or customer satisfaction. Find more on how to look for this qualification from health club staff recruitment blogs.

  • Understanding of the Fitness Industry: Your GM must be conversant with the fitness industry's nuances, including different types of gym equipment, membership structures, and foundational nutrition principles. The more industry knowledge they possess, the better they'll cater to your clientele.

  • Financial Management Skills: As highlighted earlier, your GM should be adept at deciphering financial reports, formulating budgets, forecasting, and vigilantly overseeing expenses to augment the gym's profitability. Explore job board for fitness professionals to see what financial skills others are looking for.

  • Communication Skills: Effective communication is indispensable in any leadership role. A proficient GM should articulate clearly and calmly, be it with staff or customers, to address concerns or respond to inquiries.

  • Leadership Qualities: Lastly, it's essential that your GM exemplifies strong leadership. This includes motivating staff through clear guidelines and supportive guidance, building trust through appropriate praise or constructive criticism.

How to Find a GM for Your Business?

To initiate the search for the right GM, you'll first need to post your job on Given the active role of a GM, expect candidates from diverse locations willing to relocate. With numerous coaches ready to ascend into leadership roles, it's essential to prepare for interviews.

Once the interview process begins, having a set of thoughtful questions is vital. Here's a list of great example questions to aid you in this phase.


Selecting the perfect General Manager is pivotal if you aspire to be an absentee owner. Ensure that the candidates you consider embody the qualifications detailed above, demonstrating their ability to lead your team effectively while maintaining the high standards of your gym. By adhering to these guidelines, finding the ideal fit for the General Manager position should be a smooth process. Explore more opportunities for fitness industry job listings to broaden your search. Good luck!