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Coaches don't want to work in your gym? Here's how to fix that. (Updated for 2023)

Coaches don't want to work in your gym? Here's how to fix that. (Updated for 2023)

CrossFit gym owners have a common problem: trying to fill coaching jobs in their gyms. There can be a lot of reasons an owner has a hard time filling a coaching role, and the most common issue is that gym owners do not know how to get their position in front of coaches who are actively looking for work. 

Fortunately for the CrossFit community, know precisely how to reach those caches where they are and show interested coaches your career opportunity. 

Below are three tips on how to get your coaching position filled fast.

Protip #1 – Write a detailed job description

When writing a job description, the more information you give, the better your responses will be. When a job is posted with a vague description or only just a couple of lines written about the job, you can’t expect to see many applications. 

Protip #2 – Search resumes, and don’t hesitate to reach out. has over 600 registered coaches with active resues who are ready to work. Once you post your job, search the resumes and reach out to potential fits. Send them a link to your job post and ask them to message back with any questions. If you find a coach who looks like a perfect fit, but they aren’t located near you, go ahead and contact them. You may be surprised by how many coaches move for jobs. In fact, you can search the coaches who have marked that they are willing to relocate. 

Protip #3 – Be prepared for the interview. 

When it comes to the interview, this is where many drop the ball. Often gym owners don’t know what to ask, and that’s ok, most are not professionally trained hiring managers. To help, we have a list of interview questions here to help you along. We suggest doing three interviews. A skype or phone call interview. An in-person interview at your gym. And finally, a guest coaching interview. Having the coach come in and run classes for a day is a fantastic way to see if their coaching style fits with how you teach and how your community responds to this potential coach. 

When you’re ready to hire your next coach, post your job on and we will get right to work helping you staff your gym!