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Are you looking for high paying opportunities as a CrossFit coach? Here is how to get them.

Are you looking for high paying opportunities as a CrossFit coach? Here is how to get them.

As professionals in the fitness industry, we all dream of obtaining financial freedom in the profession we love. Sometimes it can be hard to achieve financial success as a coach just starting out. Maybe as a coach, you have not seen how many options there are for you to grow your career. This article will discuss four ways to achieve financial freedom as a coach. 

Make yourself a valuable financial asset. 

We call them gyms, fitness studios, health clubs, and many other names, but they are all and can be called fitness businesses at their core. Whichever gym you work in or you want to work in is a business, and that business needs to grow. A business owner is always looking for ways and employees to help grow the company financially. A coach who can help increase the value of the business is a coach who can command more pay. If you, as the coach, have experience in powerlifting or Olympic weightlifting, or another specialty, you can create revenue-generating classes. Having the ability to develop new programs for your facility or a new facility if you are looking for career advancement is one of the most effective ways to stand out from the rest of the coaches in your gym or that are applying for the same position that you want to secure. If you can create programs that bring in revenue for the facility, you will be getting a share of everything you bring in, typically 40-50%! If you create a powerlifting program that generates the fitness business an additional $3,000 a month, you just gave yourself a pay raise of $1,500 a month. If your program is successful, you can grow it even further without extra effort, increasing your income further. When creating your profile on, be aware that showing what additional revenue-generating classes you can make you stand out from the crowd. 

Are you an expert on a topic? Hold seminars. 

As we discussed above, if you have specialized knowledge, you can easily use your skills to generate even more income. Seminars can be much more focused than a class, though, which gives you more opportunities to sell your skills. You can host workshops on how to do muscle-ups, double under seminars, nutrition, and bench pressing; there are no limits to what topics you can hold seminars for as long as you have the knowledge and experience to teach others. These seminars do not always have to be at your home gym. You can connect with gym owners in your local area, state, or anywhere in the country. You can charge a price per head, or the gym owner can pay you for the service, and they keep the revenue or make it the event at no cost. Either way, you are fairly compensated, your value as a coach increases, and you elevate your professional brand. When you create your profile on, list the seminars you have done, and list the types of seminars you can do, and that information will help you land your dream coaching opportunity. 

Be willing to relocate. 

Successful gyms do not strictly limit their search for new coaches to their immediate local area. It is very common for a gym to pay a salary of $80k-$100k to look beyond their city and state. If you are a coach reading this and thinking, “ coaches don’t make that much money,” maybe not in your gym, but incomes in that range, and much higher, are not as rare as you might think. It is not uncommon for Gym owners on to hold zoom interviews with potential new hires, then bring them in as a guest coaches to see how they fit into their community and to interview them in person, and then if they get the job, pay their relocation expenses. If this is the opportunity you wish to have available to you, your coaching profile on must show the value you can bring to a new facility. 

Create your coach profile.

If you want a coaching position that will allow you to live the kind of life you want, you have to be able to be found by the business owners looking for coaches. The way to be seen and chosen to apply for these high-paying positions is to create your profile on When you make your profile, fully fill it out to the best of your abilities. When the life-changing career opportunities come available, you are competing with every other coach out there who wants to PR their coaching career, and the way to help position yourself to get the job is by having a completed profile that shows who you are and the value you can bring to a new employer.